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11.18 Sun

Birchwood Cafe

If you’ve dedicated your professional life to serving the community, first: thank you.

Secondly, this event at Birchwood Cafe may be of interest to you or someone from your organization.

Dessa will lead a workshop on social media best practices. It’s an easy-to-digest set of tips and guidelines borne out of Dessa’s experience working with non-profits. If you’re already a social media maven, geeking out on analytics every week, this class is probably not for you. But if you’re a staff member who devoted her life to say, early childhood education or environmental stewardship, are now asked to run the Twitter account from your personal phone, this class might help make that work easier and more effective.

Space will be limited to 30 registrants, so please reserve no more than 2 spots for members of the same organization.

Free with RSVP. Food and drinks available for purchase.

RSVP here.