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08.01 Tue

Dessa will release her first solo full-length album in five years, Bury the Lede, September 29th, 2023 on Doomtree Records. It’s an eleven-track project of hard-hitting rap verses, big, catchy pop hooks, and a couple melancholic tracks. Dessa conceptualized Bury the Lede as an examination of human nature and mortality. Reflecting on the pleasure-seeking and loss-aversion that define us as a species, the album ultimately endorses a Camus-with-a-lime-twist take on life. “It’s about indulging in a measure of hedonism even as the threat on the horizon mounts … Survival is, at best, indefinite. So maybe get a cocktail with an umbrella in it,” says Dessa.

The new album leans into the light more than past projects–more moments of levity and abandon, more danceable–but it’s still very much a product of Dessa’s lyrical style, writerly and multi-layered, and meticulous. 
Special pre-order bundles of Bury the Lede are available HERE and include everything from magnetic poetry and tongue-in-cheek Dessa devotional candles to a limited-edition screenprinted poster with handwritten lyrics.