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11.19 Tue

Dessa’s Hand Shadow Rye Whiskey is a collaboration between RockFilter Distillery and the musician and writer Dessa. Bottles will be on shelves starting Tuesday, November 19, to celebrate the release of Dessa’s new album Sound the Bells, recorded live in collaboration with the Grammy-winning Minnesota Orchestra. This is Dessa’s second collaboration with RockFilter after 2018’s Time and Distance, a limited-edition bourbon whiskey.

Dessa’s Hand Shadow Rye Whiskey is a blend of rye, triticale and corn, aged in 15-gallon white oak barrels and finished in ruby port casks. All the grain was organically grown in Minnesota (same with Dessa and RockFilter). The name was drawn from one of Dessa’s lyrics in the title song of the new album, “Sound the Bells:”

Looks like our writing on the wall
is lorem ipsum after all
A higher tide will wash it all–
wash it all away.
The lighthouse keeper’s last relay:
hand shadows and a final wave
Now’s the time to rouse yourself
spend the strength you’ve saved.

This is a limited-edition rye, with only a few hundred bottles for sale. It will be available at select liquor stores in Minnesota, from the RockFilter cocktail room, and by mail order when allowed by purchaser’s state law.

To learn more about RockFilter Distillery (including their recent awards and the enticements of their cocktail room), visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram at @rockfilterdistillery.