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07.23 Tue

Izzy’s Ice Cream and Dessa have teamed up to create an exclusive ice cream dubbed “Dessa’s Night Drive.” Inspired by long espresso-fueled drives between cities when she’s on tour, “Dessa’s Night Drive” is the ace in the cupholder—the perfect treat to make it through the late shift.

“Anytime Izzy’s invites me to take a secret ice cream meeting, I am going to take that meeting. I love working in the kitchen with that team–they’re meticulous, creative, dessert-loving people, who are experts on flavors and textures sourced from all over the world. And still, they let me sit in the driver’s seat sometimes–I get to help decide how many drops of coffee go into the test batch, and how much crunch should be added to the final product (answer: more, please.). Very excited to hand my band members their first serving of this stuff at the Fair.” Dessa said.

“Dessa’s Night Drive” combines cardamom, chocolate-covered espresso chips, and toffee crunch in a smooth coffee base made from local Bizzy Coffee’s House Blend Cold Brew concentrate in Izzy’s cream. The flavor will at the Minnesota State Fair (August 22 – September 2)at the Izzy’s stand within Hamline Dining Hall, and after the Fair, at both Izzy’s Twin Cities locations.