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05.31 Fri

Good For You” is set in the liminal space between a dismissible crush and a real connection—those moments when a relationship seems to teeter on the question, Could this become a real thing? Saam Hagshenas, who plays in my band and produces for my friends MONAKR, made the beat, which struck me right away as the best kind of pop track. Although I listen to a lot of styles, I really like pop—the big choruses, the unapologetic emotions, the movement. There’s a prevalent assumption that pop songs can’t include writerly lyrics—which I think is bullshit. Obviously, you can’t sing a dissertation on the radio, but I think a few literary lines can’t hurt an otherwise catchy song. The chorus to ‘Good for You’ is simple—a wish and for reciprocity and the suspicion it exists—but the lyrics in the verses are a little more crafted: Patience has no virtue/ for saints out after curfew. I’m looking forward to adding this song to the set this summer—and already figuring out which of the dudes in the band is gonna be tasked with some of those high notes.